Trying diff cheeses

That’s quite a cheese knife you have there! It is the cleaver of cheese knives.

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Lol that’s my little cheese knife…I could use my watermelon knife…but I have yet to aquire that much cheese

It looks like a weapon you would probably use in The Witcher :blush:

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We have. Harris Teeter. I think they’re from the South.
They have a cheese monger. They also have reduced produce and half price fancy cheeses.
I can’t afford their meat. But I like their produce. It is a little bit more but so much bigger.

Nice rune hatchet

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I am a huge fan of brie on crackers! It’s expensive so I can’t afford it right now, but once I find a job, bam! brie crackers everywhere.

It tastes a bit sour but creamy and buttery at the same time.

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Wel its fattening so it’s best not to have it very often. :joy_cat:

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My vice is cheese lol
I can’t afford it right now anyways, though, so I’m safe

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My fave cheese - leyden

Moved to the Lounge (right next to the giant cheese wheel)

Well, it looks like there’s a “cheese axe” in the photo that you can defend yourself with in the event the nasty Dubliner cheese decides to attack. :scream:

My fav! Once I went to the store and found some generic Brie for 4 bucks then I brought it to my friends house and we smacked on it with chips. One of the most delicious days :slight_smile:

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I love the one on the left, too! Dubliner is just about my favorite :heart_eyes_cat:

Gouda makes an amazing mac and cheese, in case anyone cares.

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Do you have a Trader Joe’s store in your area? You can get reasonably priced imported and domestic cheese there.

I buy gouda cheese at the farmers market that’s made locally in California by someone from the Netherlands. It is delicious! My favorite is gouda with cumin. :blush:

lol I take sharp white cheddar unless it’s with my wine. in that case any soft and mild cheese will do

All this cheese talk made me hungry. I had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner (made with whole wheat bread and Colby Jack cheese). :yum:


Cheese update guada is gone…debating if the local wildlife will even eat the lindenburg or whatever lol…my american taste buds don’t like it at all…how do you eat it…I took a mouse chunk out of a corner and its too stout…

I have American tastebuds, too! I dunno. Small bites, pay attention to the texture and the layers of taste. I like eating it with apples.

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Aw I just gave my apples to my wild neighbors the skunks rabbits and possums…