Trying Celexa

Thoughts and feelings??? I am starting this because of my frequent anxiety. It has antihistamine properties, which means it will probably be more of a downer to me. Sometimes I need a downer, but at the same time I already feel lethargic about life.

I’ve don’t know anything about celexa. Let us know how it goes.

Celexa is an oxytocin agonist on top of being an antidepressant so it has an added effect on depression and anxiety from that, it’s probably the most effective antidepressant there is.

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Who says? (Show me the documentation.) (From anyone =besides= the manufacturer or the researchers the manufacturer funded.)

Celexa is an effective anti-D for those whose depression is essentially (or largely) the result of chronic autonomic imbalance DUE to anxiety… and on limited occasions, due to the sfx of anti-D’s.

But it isn’t going to do that much for anyone whose depression – and causal anxiety – are essentially the result of cognitive distortions (or “stinking thinking,” as they call it in AA).

For that kind of depression, the CBTs and MBCTs are the best we can offer.

Just as long as there’s no bipolar in your genetic mix. If there is, make sure to monitor for impulsivity, irritability, agitation, hypomania, sleep difficulties, “overdrive,” “dieseling,” etc. :grinning:

What’s dieseling? Pdoc says im bipolar with psychosis. The only thing I notice is the psychosis and how depressed the APs make me.

Oh it made me feel better. I had more energy and enjoyed myself on it. The thing is, I was misdiagnosed with depression. In the end I drank on it and became dangerously belligerent and was arrested.

But really it made me do well in school, find free time to be fun, made me feel energetic and not afraid of public, it helped with negative symptoms and energy levels if that is what you want from it.

I actually give it a good review. It may help with the sedation from your meds so that you don’t need as much caffeine. I sometimes wonder about taking it instead of drinking so much caffeine and sleeping so much. It made me enjoy myself I must emphasize that. I would do my classes and work and exercise and feel generally a bit less bored because I found free time to not feel like jail time in my room. I was on it for less than a year though. I quit it once I was arrested for my behavior whilst drinking on it.

But you don’t drink you’re a good boy.

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Oh and what @notmoses said about anxiety- it REALLY HELPED my anxiety. I was not as afraid of public and even entered a fraternity but later dropped out (they were slacker students and also Christian and known for being racist).

Now I am on a damn benzo and caffeine, like a ducking speedball. Oro

Thanks, Dr Mouse. Hopefully I make myself take it longer then 3days. I never give ADs a chance because I hate either being, insomniac or sedated. I find it more calming at the moment, but we see how I sleep tonight.

Insomnia? I think that’s one of the red flag side effects which we’re supposed to tell the doc about. If that ■■■■ happens do phone the doc and tell them to call you back.

“Dieseling” is what happens when an automobile engine gets so hot that it keep turning over even when you turn the key off.

If you’re psychotic bipolar (like moi), ya gotta watch for up-wrench as the effect of =any= neurostimulant. And that’s exactly what AD’s are. (But they are soooo subtle.) (At first.)

Yup. :grin:

15 f’ing 15

Day 2. Having feelings of calm, apathy and then i get anxiety because I’m not being productive.

N A P - T I M E :sleeping: