Try without meds

I want to try without meds. Who knows maybe I will get rid of anhedonia and apathy… Maybe I’m not sz. Maybe meds make me stupid. I asked my nurse today what my dx is. She said depressions. I have pdoc appt in october. I’m afraid I will get psychotic without meds but maybe it’s over and I will be fine.


I recommend that you slowly reduce the dose and don’t just quit cold turkey.

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I don’t know. I stopped taking mine…about a year ago I think. They made me either sick or tired or both. I don’t do will with meds I guess. I would talk to doctor first just to be safe, I think. If you can control it I think it is okay to quit, but you should talk to someone to be safe, you know.

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Is the sz talking here? (My psychotic bipolar said that sort of stuff a zillion times.)

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Lower your dose first dont quit cold turkey. And talk to your pdoc.

I no longer take 20 mg Olanzapine… 20 mg Olanzapine give me Anhedonia…

I take 10 mg Olanzapine once in two nights, that is right if I have taken yesterday night then I will take it again tomorrow night…

I realized anger is something that is

negative thinking + suppressing events…

I no longer feed negative thoughts no longer entertain negative thoughts no longer accept suppression and hola 10 mg is perfect

no more anhedonia

Anhedonia —> Switch computer on check email turn off again turn on check email turn off

Anhedonia —> TV change channels don’t watch anything switch TV off

Now —> Using computer for more than ten long hours continously

I am sick of the meds as well - lots of negative side effects.

Instead of getting off of the meds completely (I have psychotic bipolar/anxiety)

I plan on going as low as possible with the Risperdal - with my pdocs guidance and approval.

I see her this week and will be asking for an immediate reduction, down to 2 mg from 2.5 mg.

I would first ask for a reduction and take it from there - Dont do anything without the pdoc’s guidance and approval.


Unfortunately, Schizophrenia doesn’t disappear. :weary: But some people function on little to no medication. I wouldn’t do it alone, though. Make sure your Pdoc and family are fully informed and prepared. Therapy is essential to functioning without medication. Take it slowly and make a plan. Try to keep an open mind. Going off of meds doesn’t work for everyone and it is best to have a plan for both the best and worst outcomes.
Best of luck! :four_leaf_clover:
:pill: In my own personal opinion, I think medication is very helpful. Not perfect, but helpful. :pill:


Thank you. I will talk to my pdoc about this. I will also meet a therapist specialized in MI in families. She will educate my family about my illness.

@anon93437440 I don’t watch tv either. It’s boring. Everything with tv is boring.

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now r u planning to do job now…

I want to do job but, I’m unable to do it.

You know all healthy humans are not really healthy… Why does a healthy human gets first rank in a competition and every other human on planet get other ranks and why most healthy humans get below average? Because most of the human don’t have healthy brains…

Some Schizophrenic Nash got Noble prize… some ADHD guy n girl get PhD… and so on so forth

My Father is an Eye Specialist and is good at something and has unhealthy brain so is below average on other things… though he is a specialist he doesn’t know anything about health supplements or brain enhancing/upgrading nootropics…

My mother doesn’t have schizophrenia but her ability is far too low

I’m intelligent and health supplements gave me a better brain

but Schizophrenia damaged brain

and some parts of brain being unhealthy is the trade mark of my ill mannered genetics and my ill mannered life style/food-for-thought…

I want to do job but find myself as a loser…

The only job I can do on this planet is open an internet cafe and my father says . everyone has internet on their mobiles …

So I don’t have funds to start an internet cafe.

I find myself unfit to do any business or job… My memory/presence-of-mind/abilities are very disturbingly bad…

I find myself realizing… I can’t have a job.

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don’t lose hope.i most of time do that…lol…

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Hope is not lost as long as health and wealth are positive???

Do you agree???

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im going without meds too but this damn xeplion stays in the body for 3 months so i have to wait 1/4 of a year for my body to feel normal again and ■■■■■■■ drop the ■■■■■■■ weight i gained from this shitty numbing drug

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@danddolo What effects does the remaining xeplion that stays on the body has on a person, do you know? Is it the same as still taking it or less?

the same effects as the full dose: anhedonia, lack of motivation, lower metabolism, anxiety etc. but ofcourse its less significant. i noticed that after two weeks after taking my 50mg dose i have more pleasure and motivation so after a month it may be even more and after 2 month almost as normal and 3 its out of the system for good.

Doesn’t the time that the medication accumulates on the body increases with the time one has taken the medication (Xeplion in this case)?

For example: If I’ve taken it for 6 months it will stay in the body longer than if I had taken it for 3 months?