Try to think what are the differences between a healthy mind and a sick mind?

So that you can reach your goal faster (to become healthy) once you know the secret.

Starts with me first.


A healthy mind says concrete things.

But a sick mind mumbles “not true” things.


Who’s next?

At the age of 23 I am healthy mind, after that sick mind. I want to know what wrong happened and why?

I don’t know what it feels like to trust your own mind. Do people with healthy minds have a confidence and peace in their thoughts? I have no idea what that would feel like. That would be the main difference I can think of: people with healthy minds have peace, and my mind gives me no peace.

You’re not alone.

Genes and Environment
Different Brain Chemistry and Structure

Umm… I am new to this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

A healthy mind uses discretion


Yes, how true it is.

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Genes I don’t know but as far as environment " I was developed schizophrenia because of risk of life on basis of thoughts."

i think people who are positive and take risks tend to be healthier… i say this because i’m negative and avoidant so i cause my own sickness… and overthinking also causes sickness…