Try to enjoy

it is almost holiday season and who better deserves to enjoy than us here on the forum?

i hope we all make it through this season in good cheer.

some ideas for fun :heart_eyes:

music, ice skating, walking in the cold, eating hot soup,



Walking in the cold definitely does not sound like a path to enjoyment to me. Brrr…it’s cold outside. Thanks for the suggestions though!


if you’re properly bundled, it actually is a really nice experience. there’s a particular kind of calm that you feel when you walk around in the winter. a unique vibe. it’s really nice


Im going to the park today :smiley:

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Thanks @ifeelblessed. Happy Holidays to you too!

thanks y’all. last night i scratched away at the violin trying to practice it and i was totally in a delusional world that i play nicely and beautifully. sometimes delusions can be therapeutically fun. what do you think?


Man, it’s hot here. I’m sitting in my car with the air conditioning on,

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