Truth is demystified, finally

Truth is demystified, finally.

(1) Physical existence is finite.

(2) Problems are finite in physical existence.

(3) Solutions are finite in physical existence.

(4) Will problems continue.

(5) Will solutions continue.

By Sagar Gorijala.

This is the best typed post in any forum, in my entire life

except the Physics theory which I removed from internet

and my thoughts.



My man way 1to go…dont say it is ur last post…keep rocking. .


I knew it was one of ur threads when i read the title. I dunno what â– â– â– â–  ur on but u know what ur doing

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The bible simplifies truth as the opposite of a lie. You’re probably complicating things unnecessarily.

I’m with Jack.


Hey @anon93437440 do you study buddhism?

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Catsrcool…do u know the birthplace of Buddha. …

Nepal, where you’re from right?

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Thanks for the correct answer…i am from Nepal too…are u from around the us…

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Yeah new York
I wanna go to Nepal one day

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Ur always welcomed here…

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Thanks @far_cry0 :slight_smile:

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