Truth & Destiny

See that I am a Goddess, The Queen
dressed in my white-t and badass blue jeans
Wearing dark eyeliner and twilight perfume
Staring through your eyes, obscene.

In a broken down world full of plastic machines
A scribble upon our scarred destiny
A woman who tears it all apart, removing
the sickness from your mind and heart.

From the endless theaters
Of winding hallways — I escaped
inviting rapture with adventures
and tempting fate.

With every edge of reality, I raped
the shadows trembling at the tips of fingers
Where sedentary dreams lay to waste
And the nightwatch ever lingers.

My lustful lips speaking promises,
to kiss them as they were sleeping
Mary weeping at the cross, sacrificed
Her eyes forever weeping.

I was taken along for a ride,
On a rainbow of promises, burned so bright
Burned so bad, took me away it all
Higher and higher into the air
Do you dare to break my fall?

My tears are the oceans that dry as deserts
My voices lay witness to all the blood shed in my name
From broken ness, a lonely boy reaches out
Crying from the jungle searching for the same

sunshine is my only mother, my only lover
And the moon forever shines like September
When the blue men in disguise chain my wrists
And tell me it’s wrong to believe in more than it.

Know that
That I control more than destiny
And if everyone realized after all
This is what a person like me was meant to be
A shock to the masses of men who provoke tyranny
Kiss my ass, because if I was God I’d care.

I could fulfill the trinity, you wouldn’t even dare.