Truth at last


Why do you come up with absolute statements, sagar?

absolute => without failure

relative => in comparison with

I finally found the truth and posted it here.

Previously that is, all my life, I posted and also said that

… posts are garbage… this is last… found it… etc and etc

Now, I actually found the truth.

All my life, I found something according to that situation and claimed

that particular something as everything

and later wondered again and again about it thinking

which something is it???

So, the truth of existence has happened and has been happening all my life

and today I discovered it. And later you posted a reply

and then I understood this truth… and this truth is… the topic quote actually happened all my life and I came up with it independently and realized that the truth I came up independently has happened all my life and this forum is full of examples of this truth, examples that is, my posts…

Your reply made me post an answer/reply and while I was typing the reply I actually understood that this truth is a form of existence, my existence. Life is a pattern and this pattern happened all my life.


So, the truth is…


Thanks a lot @Sunlion

When we are kids and the World is like…

Alice in the Wonderland then that particular “SOMETHING” is “EVERYTHING”.

And later when we have contradictions and controversies and such stuff

" Which SOMETHING? "

That is all.

@Sunlion See ya later.


May be if I am a player then that game which is something, means happiness, means my world, means my everything and there is no other things in my world

so — something is everything —

If I am a Prime Minister of a Nation…

May be…

---- Which something? ----

Kids - playing —> Something is everything.

Parents - ill —> Which something?

That is all.

Thank you.

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I rarely see people’s handwriting these days.
I like handwriting.

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also when there is


and uncertainty

different people have different meanings for something

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If you are short of something like short of money to buy particular thing

then that required money and required object is similar to

… something is everything.

When you have lots of options or when you can’t see options

then… Which something?

Also when you have what you want then that something you have is like everything

and when you are wondering where you are lost or which thing to choose then

… which something?

So, these two actualities of existence/truth

is like two different states of existence/truth.

That is all.


When we are kids, a particular toy is everything

and later which toy or which “what ever it is”?

Predetermined or Being particular ====>>>> Something is everything. ( Frog inside a Well or Happy youth )

Selection or Choice or Uncertainty or Not concluding or Not jumping to conclusion(s) =====>>>>> Which something? ( Uncertain explorer or Troubled Life )

This is the truth.


Something is everything. ----> Specific.

Which something? ----> Uncertainty.

The Truth Demystified.


I’ll try to explain your statements to the common folk over here.
From what I understood you are observing the meaning of objects and situations in life.
“Something is everything” is giving an object or a situation a very significant meaning.
“Which is something?” is actually wondering what is the meaning of relevant objects or situations in one’s current state. This statement encapsulates the will to find the most meaningful “something” from the relevant options.

Your philosophy is like an art man, keep it up

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Life —> Specific + Uncertainty.

Life is, " Somthing is everything " = Life is specific +…

Life is, " Which something? " = Life is uncertainty +…

Life —> Specific + Uncertainty.

Thanks @anon76219695

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