Trust or bust with the voices

Some days I wake up and find myself thinking about if the voices love me or are they just doing it for show. I mean sure theirs some voices that seem and appear to love me I can feel it when they start up a connection with me, but sometimes I feel like it’s all fake from the very beginning.

Whatever you do don’t trust the voices. Mine led me to do some whacky stuff

I understand but all I see is the effort they do to try and grab my attention.

Some voices love me and some voices hate me

my voices started out as love then they started to get real mean and saying that they were the illuminati

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that sounds sick I mean that is a voices cue to let you know about them. dam they must really be high on something.

Is that 3 voices or ill voices ?

its a tricky illusion ive changed it over the years.

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Yea! I had thoughts I was Illuminati as well

My voices welcome themselves back every so often. Just yesterday I went for a walk and had voices in my head telling me I was fat

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