Trumpet day three, new life

I’ve been playing a trumpet for three days now.

Time just flies and I love how it does as I get better.

My girlfriend is going insane from all the constant noise.

So I’m taking a break for now and decided to come to the forums and see who was on??

I feel like I still have a chance, even though I’m 31 now. I still have time to learn a new instrument, right?

So right on man, do your thang.


wow, what a change !! so glad to hear from you and I hope you’ve stopped drinking still?

after 18 days I had a relapse and drank a 12 pack of keystone, I believe I’m on day 6 right now. Still hitting herb but almost out and after that no more buyin I guess. Gonna go with it.


This trumpet literally makes me lose time. Trying a new instrument has made me positively manic I think. I just need to take a break from it or else my gf will kill me lol. This is a song that my dad showed me that has badass trumpet in it.


40 dollars a month rental of a Taiwanese trumpet POS, anyone can do this stuff.

I’m entering into a music writing contest!

I’m getting out of the fricking hole I’m in and I’m going to make this work.

Maybe, just maybe it’ll take off.


Listen to some Tom Harrell he has schizophrenia and is one of the best trumpet player, composers ever.

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Yep, it’s never too late.

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Good for you on learning a new instrument - I would hate to be your neighbor - thats for sure! :smile:

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I remember taking trumpet classes when I was young. I didn’t like the vibrating lips. :smile:

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I know what you mean lol! I took a day off from it but today it’s back to it!

I’m really REALLY trying to cope with a new dose of a new medication, Geodon. I’m taking 40 mgs a day and man I’m sorta zombie out lol. Drinking coffee to try to cope but it feels like I’ve been up for a couple of days feeling going on here.

the trumpet is so cool haha but i can see how people could get annoyed

so i suggest practicing in the desert or the arctic or on a mountain haha

just kidding :trumpet:


i think i might prefer the sax actually lol, its quieter i think and i like the simpsons lol

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What about this Geodon stuff?? Anyone else on it? Don’t really feel like starting another topic lol…

here’s a different kind of herb lol

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practiced for a bout 45 minutes on my gfs lunch break. I have my cleaning lady here and she says that it’s not too bad for a guy on day four of playing.


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I play trumpet too. I played all of high school and started playing a year ago again.

I’d recommend recording yourself so you can track your progress. In some time you’ll listen to yourself from when you just started and it might encourage you to keep going.

Check out chuck mangione, he’s my favourite… He puts so much emotion through his horn.

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