Truman Show Illusion or Delusion

I have recently come to the logical conclusion that my life is like the Truman Show.

It started with the fact that God is constantly telling us what choices he wants us to make. If 99% of people are doing what he asks of them then how do we have evil in the world? How did we have WW1 and WW2 where millions upon millions were killed?

God would have to be directing these people to fight and kill each other if WW1 and WW2 were real. God would be the cause of the evil in the world.

However if God is good he would not cause wars. If I am in a Truman Show illusion then WW1 and WW2 are nothing but made up, not real, an illusion.

Because I believe God is good, then he could not have caused WW1 and WW2, they could not have happened and everything I learn around me is not real, it is all an illusion, a Truman Show for me because unlike the rest of the populace I did not grow up hearing God’s voice, it did not happen until I reached the age of 30.

I am a baby, a child among adults.

There are a lot of flaws in your reasoning, but I think the most obvious ones are that God is telling everyone what to do all the time and that people are actually doing it. No one I know have ever said they’ve heard God talk to them. Most of them don’t believe there is a God. They’re just doing their best with the limited information they have.

When I was quite ill, I felt like my life was like the truman show too. It’s not true though, just an delusion.

Delusions are a hard thing to break even with meds it can take years for them to dissolve.


It always strikes me as odd that we always ask, “How could a God cause so much suffering and misery on this planet?”

Yet we never ask the opposite, “How could the Devil allow me to enjoy this beautiful sunset, or the birth of my children?”

I had the Truman Show Delusion in spades. Although I believe it is not formally recognized in the Psychiatric Field to this day.


It’s not logical, you’re suffering a delusion like your title suggests. And since your title suggests it, I think you still have enough insight to fight this.

You need to talk to your therapist and pdoc ASAP. The world is not contrived for your living. WWI & II happened, my grandfather fought in II and my great grandfather fought in I. It had nothing to do with god, it was humans.


Truman show 2: The reckoning

After the first truman show failed in the way that it did the executives and creators of the first show decided to make another one. But they had no idea what lied in wait for them. The star of the show was selected and there was no going back now.

When this truman began to grow strange things began to happen. Several somehow unprovable disappearances of cast members made them all ask questions. There were cameras everywhere, where were they?

And then bodies started appearing and everything began to unfold.

The man they had selected was a psychopathic witch who was also the anti-christ and a vampire. He was planning it the entire time and with the abilities he possessed, no pun intended, he’d make sure they were all dead and the whole thing would burn.

Truman show 2: The reckoning

Rated rr.

God also made the Devil. And He’s apparently all-knowing, so this was done on purpose.

Run THAT around your noodle a few times.

The fact that God may know the outcome of something doesn’t mean he caused it. He allows free will, it’s others that choose evil. If he didn’t allow evil he would not be allowing free will.

If you knowingly cause pain and suffering, you’re a douche. Or you don’t have free will. So… Is your God just a douchebag or not so Godlike because of a lack of free will?

I don’t think you read what I wrote very carefully. We are the ones that have free will and cause problems and evil. If he didn’t allow people or Angels to choose what they wanted to do, we would all be puppets. Love would have no meaning.

I empathize with this delusion completely. I feel like my life is captured for the world to see. 24/7/365. I also believe I am being controlled but not by God. I believe it is humans controlling me. I believe the ‘real’ world is much more peaceful. People are kinder to each other and countries get along really well. I also believe, in the ‘real’ world, religion has been abolished and people know there is no Supreme Being. Our Higher Power is our own connected, collective consciousness.
No doubt that it is wishful thinking but it seems so real. So very real. My best advice is meds/therapy. It can take a long time for delusions to go away. Whenever I see the (bad) news on TV, I think it is staged and fake. Like I said, probably wishful thinking turned into a delusion.

I followed the free will doctrine to the logical end of the supposition. Think about it.

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Not following you, I think the fact that we and angels have free will is a pretty good thing

I don’t believe in free will, I believe in determinism, causality.

That’s a good point, or perhaps the whole devil thing is another lie.

I think people don’t like to take responsibility for there actions so they create God’s and theories that fit there wants. Saying someone else is controlling my every thought and action is very convenient. Definatley takes care of the problem of being convicted for our wrongs ,wich is a feeling God gave us for not only a better humanity but to seek a righteous God. Personally I make decisions every day some good some not so good ,but I’m responsible for them and how I treat people and how my life turns out for the most part up to me.

God doesn’t tell anyone to do anything. Humans have free will and can basically do whatever. That’s what’s so terrifying about souls, God doesn’t have dominion over us…so he can’t protect us from each other.

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Haven’t you posted in the past that God talked to you while you were younger and that as you got older he started giving you commands and you weren’t able to obey them and he grew angrier with you because of it?

Yes, it wasn’t God…(discovered that later) it was a different voice I now refer to as superego. The beginning kind one was God but not the cruel demanding one.

Superego was terrified of losing God due to events that were going on so tried to force me into perfection to prevent that.