Truman merchandise

What if the people watching my show buy cups, pens, t shirts and hats with my face?

I don’t think it’s possible.

Why not? 666/999

You are not the subject of some giant global play.

I went through the same thing over 5 times. Each time I felt extreme relief that I was indeed, just a nobody.


You’re just Om from

We all know you from this website…and that’s it. We would all tell you if we thought you were famous, or the star of some giant movie production.


I’m sorry, it must be rough to feel like that

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They won’t. We’d rather have a shirt with Spock, Kirk, or Darth Vader.

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Now two old women passed by my house.
Pretending to talk about something.
They’re actors, not even talking really.
They pretend to be talking ,making sounds
like blah blah blah

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Your delusional, see a doctor or tell someone other than this site

Why do you think i am delusional?

Because those things aren’t real

Ontologically i am so alone. Solus Ipse

I thought the same once, tried to confront the suspected neighbor that was watching me and swung open their front door…

Glad she didn’t call the police on me.

Poor lady must’ve been disturbed by me burging in

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The last days my mind is cloudy

Haha this made me laugh are you sure that it is true? Is a injection worth it for you if you are not currently on one.

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I take 250mg haldol injection, and two other APs.
I wonder why my shot doesn’t work.

It’s very unlikely. Else they would have to pay you royalties.

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It is unlikely. They want me to be ignorant and spontaneous. They can’t pay me

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I took my noon meds, plus a benzo

I’m shy to tell my psychiatrist that he is an actor.

  • Will he react? As if i insulted him?
  • He will laugh cos he has seen this stuff before

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