True Mind Control

If you want to talk about mind control, it is the ability to break the mind through coercion and physical torture in which to reprogram it based on a design of manipulation and programming that causes automatic response or reward within a set means of compliance. It has nothing to do with true religion that actually sets the mind free from such barriers. Mind control is an extreme measure of fulfilling a working against the brain’s natural alignment with freedom to obtain a kind of response that only the manipulator can deem effective in its wake of true cruelty and adherence to a handler that controls the internal mind acting as a puppet for further documenting what is capable of and with such means. Don’t talk to me about mind control with religion because if anything, religion is the escape from such punishment that sets one on a more furtive and just making of human/Godly relation within a most difficult and sinful world.

Do you think it’s health to entertain such ideas? I don’t mean to be a hypocrite because I do it. I disagree with you; religion is mind control.

How is it mind control if a person is praying to a maker for guidance and mercy? If that is mind control then what you expect otherwise is adherence to a design of chaos and ill-will. The believer is in a position of lifting himself or herself up and out of their own mind instead of further being bogged down in it.

You just earned yourself a horse laugh from the excommunicated Mormon. You have apparently never had an interview with the tithing police about whether you deserve your Temple Recommend Card.

Edit: Oh, and ladies? Did you wear pants and not a skirt to service once? No TRC for you!


Well, yeah, @pixel, shop around for the right religion, I mean, maybe they will sell you what you want to buy if you are that much of a consumer. Maybe they will adhere to your philosophies of you as king of the world in which you go to heaven and hearld all the angels to speak of your most mundane and furtive sacrifices for a world divided by atheists, sinners, and those exalted to the throne. Maybe you can convince the founders that peace love and happiness begins with a criticism of everything sacred, then you can earn an outsider award for being loyal only to yourself.

They ALL claim to be the right religion.

The only religion.


I’m free from it. You’re not. Who is being controlled, exactly?


Some will say I’ve always been controlled through my religion, my parents, my so=called friends, and society, and further with government tangling that have been on going through my whole life. If I could break free, this what I would say: “Dear Lord, my suffering is great. Do not abandon me in my trials, but let me fly again in your love and mercy, sustaining me over much of the world’s discourse.”

I fell in love with a mormon missionary once. From my experience I felt like mormons were very nice people but that the LDS church was very controlling and manipulative.

I guess I can make Atheistic prayers. And tell myself good things, instead of leaving all the work and credit up to a god that I’ve never seen or heard from like everyone says he does.