True heroes

The true heroes are those who have suffered hell, and all through it, have remained decent people.

Someone once said this on twitter, what do you think? Sounds about right to me.


I don’t know. I don’t consider myself heroic just because I’ve had some bad times and had to make my way through. I reserve hero for those that go into burning buildings to rescue people, stop mass shootings to save children, etc etc…people that that actually do heroic things. Not trying to bring you down or argue. Just isnt how I define heroic.

Heroism isnt about saving yourself, its about selfless feats for others, IMO.


I agree. Life in the real world can be overwhelming. Handling it with grace is very hard. Most true heroes didn’t choose to be heroes. Circumstances forced it on them.


My heroes are people who care about lifting others up.


I think decent people are people who help out as much as they can to alleviate or show someone who is suffering a way to not suffer

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I admire those kind of people a lot… Those who goes through pain and comes out like a jewel are the ones who are inspiration to the human kind.

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A person willing to take on adversity for the benefit of others with no expectation of gratitude or compensation.


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