Truama As Property Instilled

For the past 15 years now I have attempted to understand exactly what went “wrong” in my life that put me in a psych ward, diagnosed with a severe mental “illness”, on pills, and the general decline I have experienced over the course of many years.

I have found at the heart of it is is series of strong stressful events, that became traumas.
I have realized that even the physical process of being born, going through the birth canal into this world, can develop into a traumatic experience for a person, if certain factors are not in place to alleviate the suffering of that process of emerging or growing into the world and beyond

Now to be clear, what is a negatively stressful event for one person, for another might actually be beneficial and appealing. Additionally, how a stressful event or experience plays out, has a lot to do with a persons background (family dynamics and cultural socialization), not just the specific stress as viewed objectively. I have found a difference between what is a person might consider a negative stress, something that robs you of your energy and will power to continue, and seemingly has no positive reward, and what is called a Eustress, which is a stress that, though maybe difficult, ends up giving a person energy and reward for going through that physical, emotional, or mentally taxing experience.

We are told that schizophrenia is thought to be dysfunction of the reward centers of the brain, specifically an imbalance in a chemical called dopamine. This idea is almost continually propagated as the root cause of all the symptoms of schizophrenia, both the negative symptoms (things taken away from you) and positive symptoms (things added to you).

For the last few centuries, a search has ensued to find the physical or genetic cause of schizophrenia, with a myriad of physical cures and procedures done over the centuries to our people, in order normalize us and make us functional in whatever culturally sanctioned economic, spiritual, social and political system that is dominant with in our cultural.

Increasingly in western civilization we are seeing more and more extreme expressions of our people and politicians, of the reactionary variety. News of the News, Reality As A Show, Not at as a shared experience. More and more of people in the west have experienced trauma of some sort or another, resulting in isolation and dependence on drugs, distraction and polarization. It becomes extremely difficult to say we are all one nation, or even one civilization, with a collective purpose of well being for all. More often than not, our communication with one another, despite the fact that we so many ways to effected and affected by one another through technology, drives us not toward insight, compassion, or solidarity; but, instead away from each other and into groups with the same chaotic fundamental: Us vs. Them.

It is a great pleasure to have a forum where we can discuss whatever we want. It seems to me the lowest common denominator eventually rules any social technology, even if it means those we allow to rule over us in such environments, become the lowest of us all in their exercise of authority over us, an expression of authority that does not grant privileged, but instead reacts to abused privileged, with a deeper sought after control of message, by an over extension of authority.

Thankfully, we do have history as a species. We can look back with the help of anthropology and archeology, to times before. According to the latest estimates, human beings lived and striven with each other, with no real threat to each other for at least 200,000 years in the homo sapien form. Thats a lot of time and thought for us. It seems, the ability to survive on such a planet as this, developed this peculiar technique of are species, not unlike other species, to communicate.

There is a difference between a conversation (which highlights differences in conversion interaction) and Communication (which involves sharing each others side, in order to add a dimension to our experience that once we may have never experienced OR valued).

It seems to me, that no trauma will ever be resolved, no symptom ever vanquished, and stress understood and incorporated to aid us in our development, until we are willing collectively, to communicate. Until that point of exodus from the technology of conversation, we will never truly know the art of communication. We may be continually high, but only instilled.