Trouble thinking everything is related to me

I keep thinking that certain words and songs and phrases in movies or shows or certain signs I see outside are related to me and I keep getting compulsions to do certain physical actions like stand up and sit three times in one sequence or I’ll ■■■■ up my future and cause something bad to happen in a cosmic way

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Hi. Welcome to the forum. Yeah it’s a common thing. Check out ideas/frames of reference and they were prominent when I was psychotic. The meds do help most somewhat so it’s always important to let your doctor know your symptoms to help tweak the meds.

Do you have SZ and OCD together?

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Yeah, it sounds like a combination of ideas of reference and OCD as Kxev hinted in the previous post.


Since you come to this community, you must have some trouble with your brain or thoughts. first of all, welcome to this community and it seems that you have some symptoms of schizophrenia.

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My previous therapist suspected Schizotypal or Just having psychiatric features and possible ocd but she terminated treatment before we could look into it better

So you are not receiving any psychiatric treatment?
You should see a psychiatrist.

Talk to a therapist about it, and maybe they can come up with some good med’s to help you with that.

References are bad, don’t like them at all. Would be best to get away from the triggers as soon as possible as they induce a psychosis. They seem enticing, but they can lead to a very dark path that continues the references. Now when I notice such event, I get away from the trigger that caused it. For me that means no tv.

Early intervention helps a lot, otherwise the brain will be trained to look for references, and then you are stuck with it.

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