Trouble fitting in

Hello, I am wondering if anyone else can relate to this idea ( I will try to explain to the best of my ability)…
I feel like my schizophrenia scrambles me and I never learn how to appropriately behave. For me life is taken moment by moment and there seems to be minimal foundation for protocol…by protocol I mean a “normal” set of responses that would be learned/gathered through trial and error. The way I experience never knowing what to do or say is akin to having every moment be fresh and new as if I have never experienced it before. So the result is extremely erratic behavior because I have little or no template for how to respond. The result ultimately is loss of work and failed relationships…


have you seen every normal person out there in the world.
most peoples behaviour in my opinion is hardly ’ standard ‘.
normals have;
’ odd ’ mannerisms
have ’ odd ’ belief systems…which are for the most part outdated
go easy on yourself
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:



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I guess it doesn’t help that it tends to make us socially isolate either voluntarily or involuntarily and most people don’t get it anyway.

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