Trouble exiting the dream world?

Is this something to be concerned about?

Takes about 20-30 mins each day for the last few weeks to fight myself out of a dream like state.

I am trying to stay in bed now until I am fully conscious

Not sure what’s going on, or whether this is something to worry about?

I don’t want to ask the doctors as I don’t trust them anymore

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Like sleep inertia? or remnants of your last dream? I get that a lot. try just getting out of bed right away and do 10 squats or a few jumping jacks to jolt yourself awake.
I have more of a circadian rhythm problem so I use a light therapy device to get me out of the sleep inertia, and a coffee.

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Oh I think your talking about hypnogogia. It can happen before sleep and right when waking. I wouldnt worry about it.

Ah ok no worries. Thanks! I was worried it might be some sort of symptom of the ‘illness’, as it has come about suddenly and is pretty unsettling.

Just now I had full on voices when I woke up, and I hate anything that even remotely comes close to a psychotic experience.

I am acutely aware that the balance is a fragile thing and needs to be kept an eye on

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