Trouble absorbing clozaril generic - any others?

I posted the end of January, that my new Insurance Co. made me switch to the generic. I increased my dosage by 100mg as my blood level showed I only had 1/2 the amt of medication in my blood a week ago & may have to increase it more. Any others who have switched to generic who had to increase dosage? And have you found medication to be effective at the larger dose? My therapist says we’d have to hire a lawyer to try to prove I need Clozaril, not the generic as there have been studies done ( paid for by the generic co.!) saying there is no difference. Thanks.

Just thought I would respond to this issue, I dont know why people ignored it. I think you need to go back on the brand name medication. Even if it costs more. If you need to hire the lawyer consider what he will have to use for evidence. Will your insurance company consider it proof, who does your therapist think will win?

Finally, if you increase your dose by more than 100mg it is possible that (since you are only getting half the medication) you will not have worse side effects. That might be your last ditch option.

Have you considered that the generic might just be a slightly different formulation and your body is just getting used to it? Maybe plasma levels will increase within a few weeks to a month?