Trippy Instrumental: Auditory Journey

Here is one I did just for fun

Listen to Auditory Journey by David Cragg (Cragger) on #SoundCloud


Cool :sunglasses:



Thanks man. It was fun to do

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@zwolfgang @Jonnybegood @ThePoet I wouldn’t mind getting your guys feedback on this.


Great job on the guitar I think I can hear some modulation on the strings (idk what you call it in the guitar world lol whammy/vibrato??? Haha )

Track manages to be heavy but clean at the same time.

I would maybe turn down the background elements a smidge like I think I hear some strings and maybe a some piano or perhaps reduce the panning slightly? I am listening on headphones though.

The track does grow on you as you go on because there’s so much variation the original riff stays fresh.

I love the feedback on that one guitar that’s doing the screeching

Love it

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Thank you for the kind feedback. I think you’re right, I need to remix it. This was done a few years ago so my editing abilities were not what they are today.

I had a real tendency to mix things right in your face back then. I guess it’s just fun to f*** with when it’s new

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Dude the track is very professional above what I’m able to do. Just think it’s cool to give my own creative input but I think all music producers will disagree haha

I think the acoustic guitar is the unsung hero of this song haha

And this is completely a creative decision of course but I would love to hear some bigger drums haha that’s coming from a dubstep producer tho :joy:

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There’s so many guitars going on it’s pretty technical. I’ve always struggled to do that. To sort of give every instrument it’s own time and sort of continuously adlib or accent each other.

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I listened to your last track a few times actually. I thought you did a pretty good job, I could hear everything clearly and there was a nice vibe

It’s funny, I never know how a song is going to turn out until I record that first track. Then I start hearing things in my head, and experimenting. That’s the fun part LOL

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Yea I guess . I’m pretty ambitious when it comes to music idk I’m never happy with what I produce, although in the midst of production I always feel like it’s the greatest song in the world haha #producer problems

I know what you mean. Recording is a three-step process for me. Record the track… Embellish it… And then spend the next three weeks picking it apart for every little error that I perceive to be there LOL

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Looool :joy: 6363622625

Hmm. . .

It Sounds Dulled In A Sense. The Guitar Sounds Without Any Form Of Light. Or Life.

Dulled As Slightly A Step Too Slow Unable To Catch The Attention Of The Soul.

The Repeating Seems Without Meaning Or Reason. No Drive, No Real Purpose.

Not Static. Static Would Create A Reach For Imagination.

No Colour. Colour Would Create A Reach For Inspiration.

The Drums Entrance Felt Hopeful. Quickly Faded Into Obscurity As The Limbs Of The Song Died.

Sorry My Review Is Sad.

Sounded good to me.

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Don’t listen to the hater. This is ill wtf drugs are you on that you would say anything negative about this??

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That is quite sad in its own round about way, yes. Opinions are like arseholes everyone’s got one


Its fire!

That riff is really nice and like @ThePoet said the variations keep it interesting. Your mixing is solid as always but I do see what you mean about everything being upfront and in your face lol but that works fine here since its pretty minimal.

One thing this track feels like it needs is a top line melody. So a singer or maybe a guitar solo! That would be sick! Just an idea

It sounds great :smiley:


Hey @zwolfgang good to see you. It’s funny you say that, I have thought several times that something is missing and I thought of a guitar solo, but it would have to be something very untraditional. I never thought of vocals, a Harmony Line might just be brilliant

Thanks dude :+1::grin::+1:


Yea that’s actually what I was thinking too. There’s a lot of good space in the track which is impressive because there is a lot of instrumentation (which is very well balanced). And I think vocals would be really great on this track.

I was thinking just today about how important vocals are because I was listening to all my favourite songs and realized they ll have vocals.

I heard a quote that the most beautiful instrument is the human voice and I 100% agree.


I agree with you guys. I just had my buddy Bob over today to do some backgrounds on one of my songs, and what a difference!! Always takes it to the next level