Tripping the light fantastic...up late

there was a title of a book similar to something like that…just always thought is sounded neat…this thread is for shmucks like me and you that take early naps and can’t sleep…or maybe it’s morning where you are…anyways…I’d love to hear from you guys…


Hey sweetie, I took a little sleep and woke back up. Now I’m having some coffee for my headache and waiting for the tylenol to work. Are you getting excited for your performance on Thursday?

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oh man I am very excited…more just to see my friends and family than performing…the concert will only be about thirty minutes because that’s how long two minute songs on the banjo can go with me…haha…anyways…it will be so nice…thank you…sorry you have a headache…have your ex “softly pinch” your collar bone muscles on your shoulders and your headache will go away !!

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Ok thanks. I hope it goes well. I bet you have a blast!!!

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oh don’t go ? I want to talk to you more…haha…I won’t be posting the day of the concert next thursday since I will be heavily drinking that night and the boys get to my house around 2 pm and my gf is on the computer until then so I won’t be able to talk about the concert and fun until friday…are you going back to bed?

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No, I’m probably up for a few hours anyway because of the coffee. When do you finally get your painting?

I don’t know…she is putting special details on it for me she said since “she knows I will be looking at it all day”…which makes me happy but it’s been paid off now for a month and I am very anxious about it…I want it so very badly but I don’t dare ask for the painting until she is ready to deliver it…she works during the day and paints at night for extra dough…she made me a sweet deal on it and I am so proud of her work…it is alcohol resin painting…you can look them up on etsy if you want to see what it looks like…pretty darn cool !!

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