Tripping hard

Oh man, I just got off of a video conference for my online class. That was a nice surprise (sarcasm). It was an orientation and it started at 9:00 am. I logged on thinking it would be strictly a text chat. But no, when I got on we were all on camera! So i could see the teacher and the other students and they could see me sitting in front of my computer. It was pretty weird. I didn’t enjoy it but I did it and stayed through the whole thing without freaking out.


Would’ve been easier if you weren’t on acid :laughing:

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Next time put tape over the camera lens on your laptop!!! lol!!!

Aha at least you weren’t naked or picking your nose lol.

i am glad for you nick,take care :slight_smile:

wow, that must have been some experience. good for you for going the distance. !!

You scared me with that title.
I’m so proud of you :smile: :blush:

Thanks Sarad. …

Glad you made it through…

I haven’t had to do that yet…

Hope I don’t…

And I don’t and never wanted to date your girlfirend. Becuase I’m not scum.