Tripping 24/7

I used LSD and shrooms and PCP when I was sixteen years old and I’m 51 now but feel like I’m still on a trip. It’s not pleasant at all because the content is all about my metaphysical knowledge, whether it’s true or not, I have doubt to get me by, but I have a lot of knowledge, not bragging just saying it makes it way way worse. Like today I thought I realized my higher self and I destroyed each other and had become separated when I used the drugs and as a punishment I’ll have to do battle with criminals for all eternity. I have this belief we all have a self to grow into everyone on earth and it’s one with God. It’s all been a bad trip with no high just horror and shame. I need a job but I swear I can’t work, I’m just too burned out, I lack a sense of self and an internal monologue, I go out of orbit when I do anything physical which is the only thing I’m qualified for. My hobbies aren’t enough to occupy me my mind is bad.

I ain’t trippin man.

Maybe you have hppd (hallucination persisting perception disorder)

It happens to people who’ve done lsd and other hallucinogens

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