Trip to mother's

Hah I spent so many hours in that house. “Telepathy” the whole time. I went back over there for dinner today, I now see I could have never gotten this far in recovery if I had stayed there.

When I first arrived my grandma and mom were talking. Conditions for instant relapse/flashback. Spike in symptoms.

Old people have this refined character. Both of them are very much the “made for this world” type.

As my mind tries to find a place for myself amongst them it just breaks down into odd continuous judgementalism. It had been a while since I experienced that.

The “made for this world” type folks. They just seem so telepathic after my experiences.

So yeah it still wasn’t as bad as it used to be, but if I were to have continued to live there I would have never gotten a break.

I will continue to widdle away at all the errant features and tendencies of my mind. 90% of them were brought on after psychosis, but while I’m at it I might as well go all the way.

Hate the feeling of condescension and being singled out. I hope its 100% irrational, but at the same time it feels like they are doing this ■■■■ intentionally.

I hate this psychosis. It’s inevitable that I’m going to have these same thoughts again later on. I managed to put it all out of my mind for a long time.

why do you go there if it doesn’t help you? If I understood you correctly.

Can’t not visit me mum.

When it was more of a routine I was used to it. Now it’s like a periodic return to psychosis.

I love my family though. It’s still cool to have dinner with my brother and my mom.

Oh yeah and free food.


What did she make?

Steak with potatoes and gravy


This video is ridiculous:

I’m flying on september 10. Can’t wait to have dinner with my family :blue_heart:


It’s pretty rare that we are all in one place any more.

My brother and mom live in the same town I do.

Would be uhhh… Last christmas since the whole family was gathered together.

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That’s good. It’s really important to have family around.

Agreed. Hope you enjoy your trip. Have to make the most of those occasions.

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It sounds like it was all the old chess pieces put in the same place so you ended up back in the same old situation…

Have you tried visiting your Mom out of context? Doing something new… a walk with your Mom or a coffee out.

That might help so if you do have to visit her over the holidays in the family nest… you have some other context to help you not feel so vulnerable…

This is just me… for me… it’s not so much the family… as the house… the house brings back the memories… the silver trailer in the back that I lived in… really brings back the memories… so family is great… family house does my head in a bit.

Good luck.


Yeah, being around my family is a trigger also.
What I usually do is tell myself that they are not to blame for my condition, they helped when I needed it and forgave my illness as well, try to see the human side instead of the disease.

Hope this helps.


I’ve officially started to count the days. I’ll see my family in a couple of weeks. I don’t know if the emotional roller coaster is gonna affect my wellbeing when I see them. I’m gonna stock up on meds and vitamins before I leave. But my mom’s food is just out of this world.


this illness makes us think that were above the normal people but there actually isnt much we defirianite except us, the metally ill. being under the normal people. so dont go for that superior feeling its just an illusions really

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Her and I will go out for breakfast some times.

Really it was because it all started with grandma over there.

There were so many mornings I’d wake up after a night of being isolated to go downstairs and my symptoms just wouldn’t stop because my grandma and mother are talking and it was so believable the whole time.

Flash back of sorts.

@others thanks for the replies.

Sone of a catfish, im in.