Trimethylglycine - a type of Betaine: This Supplement treats schizophrenia in mice, restores healthy "dance" and structure of neurons

I’m just trying 500mg tmg from the brand “life extension” right now. Just in case 1000mg from the “now” brand wasn’t any good. After this I’ll just give up on tmg for me.

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I’m getting the same results from the wheat bran. I feel it’s helping my anxiety.


I’ve given up on tmg. Maybe it just doesn’t mix with abilify…


You could try wheat bran. Or even that may not agree with you. I didn’t like the tmg supplements but I get along with wheat bran.

Tmg supplements caused me headaches

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I had a headache from it too. I thought I was taking too much.

Even after just 500mg yesterday I feel a bit “off” today.


Maybe try 20 grams of wheat bran. That’s about 1 tablespoon. That’s enough for me. That’s about 100mg of betaine. I think they make supplements way too strong these days.


I found Magnesium or “Calm” Is really effective at stopping me from anxiety and helping me sleep…but it doesn’t always work.


Just to let you know, a tablespoon of wheat bran is going to be closer to 4 grams.

I can’t brain today, but I think it’s not going to be 100mg of betaine. If it’s enough though, that’s still a perfectly fine serving size.

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Wow that’s a lot for 1 tablespoon.

Seeing as one table spoon is about 400mg , I’m gonna half it. I only need about 200mg. High doses are too much for me.

It’s good stuff!

Sorry, I didn’t mean 400mg of betaine. I meant a tablespoon of wheat bran weighs about 4 grams. 100 grams of wheat bran has somewhere around 400 mg per 100 grams.

I’m thinking that’s going to be in the 20mg range of betaine for a tablespoon, but I just can’t do that math today I don’t know why.

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I’m gonna try and figure out how much betaine is in a tablespoon of wheat bran later.

From my google search there’s 1339mg in 100 grams of wheat bran.

I take about a teaspoon to a tablespoon which is about 2 grams (I think) .

I’ll figure it out after.

But I will say this. My voice is deeper as if I’m more calm.

Also makes going to the toilet more enjoyable lol. Sounds strange but true, but in high doses I would sit on the toilet for like 10 mins feeling my bowels were way too relaxed. I’m not taking the supplements anymore, I’m just sticking with the wheat bran. There’s enough betaine in wheat bran for me.

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