Triggers for mania and depression

If something like a stressful time causes depression or mania , can coming out of that get rid of the depression? I seem to have stopped overthinking and obsessing since the situation at work changed.


I don’t know that much about mania, but I believe depression can be situational, biological or both, so yes, I think something stressful can cause depression.

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Yeah I had racing thoughts … I seem to still be anxious but the depression seems to have subsided.


Yes, mania and depression can be triggered by a stressful situation and usually they subside when the stressful situation is over


Yes, for me, there are triggers to feeling unwell. The problem is that these triggers can be simple things and things that are not easy to avoid.


Yes, I think there’s a connection. I’m glad your work situation is getting better.

One thing about mania and depression though - after finally titrating my Lamictal up to what will hopefully be my final step, my mania I’ve been dealing with for months has finally balanced out. Only to cause a crash in the other direction that’s persisted for several days. I may have to have my tiny Prozac dose bumped up, but my psych nurse wants to wait it out a few days since the Lamictal just recently changed. Might even out on its own, and we don’t want to risk triggering more mania, which I’ve experienced several times now on antidepressants.

Point being, sometimes when mania recedes, you can go into a depression cycle. Hope that doesn’t happen to you too.

Edited to add - what mangojuice posted is very true. I have the same problem.

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