Trigger Warning. Most Frightening Visual Hallucination

What was/is your most frightening visual hallucination?
We all have very similar auditory hallucinations and delusions and probably more paranoia than necessary, but something that always varies from person to person are the visual hallucinations! Some may be pleasant or just there. Most of mine consist of people.

But the most frightening recurring hallucination I would have was this neon blue aura of a man that approached me menacingly in my driveway one night. It felt like fury and wrath was emanating off of him, like he wanted to kill me. Naturally, I took off running away from home. After my mom safely got me back home, I would see him peeking in through the door or the windows, still with that same terrifying quality about him. The last time I saw him, he was a cloud of smoke in my kitchen. So eventually he did get inside, but he also kind of dissipated. Not necessarily a typical scary sounding thing, but you had to feel it I suppose.

Other than that, the only recurring visual hallucination is mailboxes turning into grotesque, deformed bodies.

My least frightening visual was pan, i instantly forgot i was being tormented to death for the second time and thought “hmm?! half goat?”

The more frightening ones consisted of what was happening on top of the visual, like the alien i saw, bad bad things were being done to me so seeing an alien was really bad. The fanged face made of light was horrible because i was painfully shocked at the same time it appeared, another face appeared when i was burned, that one was really close to my face so it was bad.

The gargantuan snake made of light was also bad, it stared me down extremely pissed off, it was the size of an entire tree and just stared at me, it was a cobra i think. I was like “i don’t think people have this technology yet.” When i saw the snake my neighbors tree was also animatorily waving around and flashing, that to made me say “i don’t think people can do that yet.”

And the witch at the bar was bad as well, he induced an awful vision of evil in me, as he recited some dark rhyming words into my eyes he made me hallucinate horrible crap. It was stupid though because i just kind of sat there when he was done and he got confused because he was expecting a different reaction entirely.

When I was 14 my family’s house burnt down on 4th of July… the across the street neighbors were setting off illegal high powered fireworks and one flew through my 3 year old sisters bed room window… I was also in the house and I got her out. We both landed in the burn unit.

The worst hallucination has been the house fire. I wake up I can smell the smoke, feel the heat, hear the crackling, see the flames, it’s all there… the place is on fire again…

so I run in, grab my now 18 year old sister out of bed and run outside while I turn the garden hose on her… or try and beat out the flames. She keeps me from calling the fire department.

I’ve also seen some where I’m sure my sister is burning alive… or there is a HUGE (lord of the rings huge) spider in her room so again, I get my courage, run in and pull her out.

Usually its when I’m taking a bath. I normally sit there with my eyes closed for a bit because baths are relaxing. Sometimes when i open my eyes i see a black figure with bright green eyes standing about 10 feet behind me reflected in the water. Slowly it comes near me. I never scream or freak out, i just stare. When it is about to touch me, everytime, i blackout and wake up naked, in my bed, about 20 minutes later.

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I’d been living in a delusional world for five years or so, no idea it was delusional and never communicated a word of it to anyone because they would come kill us all. Felt as though I was being monitored by the spirit of my dead grandmother. Not in a scary way by her but of her spirit companions it started weeks after her death with strange coincidences. Grew to patterns of numbers and shapes that rules my day. Felt I was watched by her spirit cohorts. Even in the shower I was scared to wash myself because they saw everything. I felt cold gusts of air which signified they were close and I needed to pay attention because a message would come. I felt bodies lying on my bed some nights. They would graze my face and my head from behind. When coincidences would happen I thought it meant I had to stop and look because something would be coming, a sign or whatever. I waited for telepathic feelings. I could get off at one of two bus stops and the feelings that would literally freeze me sometimes were answers and messages. Knowing I got one would dictate when I got off the bus. Sometimes I would ride it in another full loop based on the sign. With getting off the bus it meant my table at the coffee shop I hung out with was free. Around this time my tv broke. A black box appeared on the screen with increasing frequency. The box was real. One night I left the tv on mute in the background while I was reading. Felt the gust of cold and my heart race and I froze. I knew I was supposed to look at the tv. I turned slowly and large white letters spelled out WE NEED TO TALK TO YOU. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Especially because I couldn’t tell anyone. I lived alone. I ran upstairs and hid under the covers. If my mom came over and wanted to watch tv I would make excuses why we shouldn’t. If the black box showed she would try to hit the tv to fix it and I would tell her it had to go off because it wouldn’t work if it stayed on. I could never tell anyone for another two years. I was hospitalized and in the middle of a med change I began to come out of the delusion after a full seven years. Almost to the week. No one had any idea about it and I was becoming more coherent in general and it was largely shrugged off and not addressed. I don’t think I will ever fully be able to feel alone anywhere after that. It has been bizarre trying to function when you make your own thoughts. It took me several years to adjust to that. It will be four years in February since it ended. I have large gaps in my memory. I can’t remember much from the 10 year period I took Clozaril. 2008-2012 are almost a total void.

One night I thought I was having a obe and then I fell out the bed onto the floor. It was dark and I couldn’t move. I was looking at a life size baby doll that was beat up and there came the shadow hand/arm reaching for me. The closer it got the more scared I was. Then my vision faded back to"reality" my heart was pounding but I was relived. It felt like my eyes were open the whole time. Right before that even happened I was reading online about how scary sleep paralysis was. And boom the placebo effect…Then I finally watched “shadow people” a movie that explains this phenomenon or curse