Trigger Warning: disturbing news story (title edited by mods)

Even if you don’t commit suicide because of it it can seriously mess up your life. The psychiatric profession is rather poor at helping and supporting those of us who have gone through such an experience.

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Some people are extremely sensitive to this kind of news. Especially if it involves children.

I’m not sure if it needs a new title with a trigger warning or needs to be removed or just left as is, but I’m going to flag for attention of other mods as I am going to sleep.


It’s hard how cruel people can be and I’ve experienced bullying in my life. School and at work in the trades.

It’s a triggering topic for sure and it’s happened out here way too much. It really has and people can be so unkind.

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Definitely triggering. I am very sad to read this.

I was bullied all throughout school and college. I never wanted to off myself though. I’ve forgiven all my bullies.