Tried to shower... nearly died

The sis is getting discharged and being in a hurry, I decided to take a shower… it might be faster. This would have been my first shower in over 7 years.

The sound is STILL to intense. I hate that sound… high pitched tin and Chhhrrrrr. It’s loud and all over and annoying. The temp was all over the place and that also felt weird and the way my tactile hallucinations act up it was like never ending little things and bugs on me.

I tried to jump out but my foot got tangled in the shower curtain and the shower rod came down and cracked the bathroom window. I hit my cheek on the corner of the wash stand and broke my glasses. So it’s contact day. I have extra glasses, but my sister knows where they are.
So now I know… I still can’t shower.


Well, this certainly made me laugh! Although, I fear those were not your intentions!

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oh dear that sounds painful, i hope you are ok :worried:


Hope you are feeling better now. Maybe you could take baths instead.

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I laugh at myself a lot. That’s how I get through my day. If I didn’t take my sister’s cue on life and keep a sense of humor I would be in bad shape.

There are some things that I go through that I just look and say… Yep, that is funny after all. I’m a tall guy with no coordination on land. So stuff happens.

haha does this mean you will never shower again? haha :shower: :bathtub: :boom: :eyeglasses: lol

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I am going to stick with my baths :bath:

It’s odd, I like the rain, I can play in sprinklers, water falls are very cool but showers? ick. Most of it is the sound.

No :shower:

Wow. I’m sure most shower slip n’ falls end up being caused by a slick shower floor. Tripping over the shower curtain, now that’s definitely a new one. This is probably one of those funny after-the-fact things.

I usually sit down in the shower and let the water fall on me like rain. It’s relaxing.

Though I feel the same way about the shower sound. Sometimes it’s way over stimulating; like my mind is trying to keep track of each individual drop as it makes a sound. Adding functional hallucinations to that (they are hallucinations that come from an actual stimulus. In this case, the shower water.) It can be very unsettling. Another weird thing is, sometimes I get this raw sense of fear toward the sounds the shower makes, almost like I can sense that it is evil or something.

:surfer: :bathtub:

:shower: :ambulance: