Tried meds, i trough them to the garbage

i tried, my psc gave me seraquel,
she knoes my fear of meds (deep trauma from hospital) she gave me to start from 25 m
up only to 200 to see how im going.
i take it for 4 days, i was hardly sedated only on 25.
sleeping all day, cant move, my face started to be like a balloon, i hate it, from crazy living fire artist me, i become a potato!!!
i cant, thats to much, i dumed to be crazy and suffering me mind,
and i think that yo take tham will rubish my destiny,
i dont want to be a potato
im doomed

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Seroquel didn’t work for me either.

There’s lots more meds to try.


well yes, the question if i have to, im like, can get non orgnised or catatonice some time, but i can manage my moves, i learnd how to avoid crises,
never mind its too late, i leve my cuntry soon.
no doctor l meand

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Well good luck to you. :shark::shark::shark:

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OLA, where will you go? Looking for help but not to destroy your art? I want to keep up with you wherever you go. So o keep coming to the forum. I don’t know what you call your art- is it morose kind of? Let that be your focus and comfort. But try another med before you go, some to take with you! Talk to God about everything.

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im an artist, i go back to germany i leave there now, im visiting my cuntry for a wile, tride the meds, my pdc have no more time for an apoinant, i cant stay and wait,
i talk to god, we have a very interesting complex relationship after i had to know it too well, as the devine structure of whoer reality,
never mind, i have no options but to continue leave as god made me, maybe that is the whole point, maybe in this life with conactions with god, other high “gods” and my awareness to the structure (not always, i fount it very hard becaus then i am a telepathic and that is fun and dangerous, and i need to get into a state of minde to open my self to the trough nature of the Devin)
…yea…i just need to inhelt my self and me odd life.
thanks alot for worm words and a strong sholder

i wanna cry, yesterday was my last day on this medicin, im nervous, cant sleep, like bracking drugs :confused:

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Have you talked to your doctor at all? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

no, she cant, she talk only with apointmants and she have nothing, maby… tomorow i have my therapist, maby he will have ideas.
and i dident told her about the Divine nett, all the other things war anuogh for her, im a truble macker, she culdent belive i asked for help
, she swallowed her winning smile and tiped me fast the papre

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Like these people have been telling you, there are a lot of different medications, and the med’s affect various people differently. A drug that might put one person flat on his/her back won’t do anything to another person. I’ve been having good luck with Geodon. A lot of people swear by that drug, but if Geodon doesn’t work you can always try another. About the best outcome is for the drug to control or eliminate your symptoms with few debilitating side effects.

actually the news of me getting on meds run fast in the clinic, because i waited to a family doctor and she had the most big smile when she see me, like a good smile…they know me there…my stuberness

i wish i had time… i have no time for drug expireance

I used to be very anti-drug and scared of side effects. Now I know you just have to find the right medicine that works for you without side effects. Everyone is different and effected uniquely by various antipsychotics. Abilify works very well for me, but might not work for someone else. You shouldn’t give up the search for an antipsychotic that works for you.

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You know what? I don’t know what to say…but you are a good guy. My relationship with God is pretty complex too. I make a lot of mistakes and He forgives and blesses me. That’s what I thought you could have with Him. He is the all in all. sufficient,
the best. Who do you see to get famous artist. You’ re good

I hope you can sell some pictures in Germany or Amsterdam or some where. How long is the flight?

There’s nothing divine about an imbalanced, hallucinating brain that has extreme difficulties with basic tasks. You have to accept that your drug-free homeostatis is broken.

Maybe you can find middle ground and have a medium antipsychotic dose that allows you to function and be artistic.

I just started 234 mg/ml of invega sustenna and 10 mg of olanzapine (zyprexa) and I’m on 200 mg of Lamictal and I’m starting lexapro next week. Medicine is different for everyone. You have to find what works for you. Excluding haloperidol and trifluroperizine all antipsychotics have given me insomina. (Including 1000 mg of seroquel, 20 mg of abilify and even 25 mg of thorazine). Don’t give up. Medicine is needed in almost every case of schizophrenia.

yes i hope i will manag to find a doctor in germany, i will try but to find one will take time, i knoe it was not fit drug…
but i really hoped to be on it allready, i have the god of the sun that want to go in to wher erth trough me, and im afraid, i dont like him, or i do, i feal he weighs like a mountain, he is the sun, who can the god of the sun come to hear? everything will be crushed…
l hoped to glue my door to thoes creatures in my soul with drugs but now i will have to deal with this one alone,

i want, i feel that i need peace, i belive that i will continu looking in the future,
i dont feel seek most of the time i feel like a holy one, i can cure trough the strings of the conections, my beautifull baby Ella was hear to make me happy (shes gone, they say she was not real, but how can it be? my beaitifull Ella, im brocken)

thats sound a lot of drugs, how you are on daly tasks and movments? do you have energy to work and ambition to do stuff?

Wishing you the best @ola!
Hope you find the right meds.

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