Tried health foods today

Had some ginger kombucha and some bean chips. The kombucha was mighty strong and had a kick i wasn’t ready for at all. I want to try the cranberry or guava one next. The bean chips were really good though, will have to switch to those they’re a perfect size for me and my wife to share since the bag is so small, we each get half of it.

I think bean chips are a better alternative to corn, because they aren’t as fattening as corn would be and it won’t be as intense on blood sugar and such


I really want to try kombucha. I don’t know what’s holding me back.

What was it like?

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Drink a hot cup of black tea after work, My favorite tea is Yunnan Dian Hong.:grin:

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The Taste is very rich and punchy, like I said it packs a strong kick that you don’t expect the first kick.
Whatever flavor you get, you’re going to taste it, and it’s going to taste strong.
The drink also had natural fermentation so it has naturally forming alcohol in it, but not enough to ID you for it haha.

It doesn’t taste artificial, but very natural

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