Tricks to dealing with pyschosis

I wanted to share these mind games in case they might help someone out there who is struggling and looking for help.

When my mind is racing and I can’t get a grasp on the thoughts that are entering my head I try these things to help slow things down and get a grip:

1.) Try to change the color of something you can see. (I don’t recommend doing this while driving though sometimes I need to)

ex. Start with something small like a pen. Focus on the pen and try to make it look like a different color. Think of the color pink in your mind remember what it looks like, then paint the pen with that color you are picturing until the pen is pink.
ex 2. try to visualize the pen on fire, or melting or frozen or something. Just change the state of it with your mind. Hyper-focusing on an object usually helps quiet things in my head enough to refocus on what I was trying to do.

2.) Visualize the bad thoughts in your head like splotches of paint on a canvas. Try to see every bad thought in your head as a different color. Once you can see your muddied canvas, start to whipe it clean until it is nice and white again.

3.) count things around you

4.) close your eyes and picture a white room with 4 walls a floor and a ceiling. Then start to decorate your room, add a photo frame, paint the walls, add objects that you like.

4a.) close your eyes and picture a white room with 4 walls a floor and a ceiling. Start to pull bad thoughts into your mind one at a time and practice crushing them like clay, then use that new clay to form objects in your room that you like. A beach ball, a sailboat, rain, chocolate, whatever it is you enjoy.

I know these might seem silly but they have got me through the past few years. I only regret that now that things are getting stronger they tend to work less often.


Thank you for those tricks,because you have try
to help other who looking for help.

but the questions
how those tricks ,methods,ways and measures be useful or helpful
to block or prevent the functional activities of the things so-called psychosis ?

you should know,in the medical community,
the mental illness divided into two section:
1-Neurosis { a symptoms that do not changing the integrate of personality }
2-Psychosis ( a symptoms that changing the integrate of personality

the hallucinations is the main rock of the psychosis
(the persons who see things and hearing voices),

So that,you should write " tricks to deal with hallucinations " instead
to say " tricks to deal with psychosis "

it is supposed that,you offer some tricks to deal with the auditory hallucinations,
visual hallucination and emotional hallucination

I see what you mean, but these help me with more than just the hallucinations. Perhaps I should have said “Tricks to help manage stress” or “Tricks to help clear your mind”

It is difficult to think clearly when I am freaking out like I was yesterday, but I just wanted to help. :slight_smile:


To borrow from douglas adams. “Don’t Panic”

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you said;
“these help me with more than just the hallucinations”
this is right,because these tricks help manage stress JUST from neurosis symptoms

in the case of schizophrenia,these tricks can not prevent the emission of hallucination
or block its pathways in the consciousness state

Nothing in our nature can prevent the emission process of the voiced thoughts
or the pictures of imaginary people,and there are many tricks to objection the pathways
of the voiced thoughts /moved imaginary pictures after its occurrence

Insight in your own consciousness can make all the positive symptoms that harass you everyday something that doesn’t even bother you. If you live day to day not growing with knowledge about your illness, your going to deal with the same ■■■■■■■■ everyday. A light bulb has to light up in your mind and start to think of reality

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Tricks to dealing with hallucinations "the thing that you call psychosis "

One of the most success methods in this regard:
1-Learning a new language
2-Language,radically different from the native language of the schizophrenic
individual, in term of the letters pronunciation,grammatical structures and
formulate sentences
3-should not learn expressions or abusive words in the new language !

4-The main purpose,activate mental processes were not working before,
and make it working as a blocker factor to the hallucinations activities
5- make it in most of waking time as a prevalent process

6-It is working to change both of influential sensory patterns effect
and the mental response
7-change the speed of mental response to the effectiveness of hallucinations
8-Give time lapsing opportunity,to make the mind takes a time to search about
the meaning,and that makes a disruption to the effect of hallucination

9-Throughout the time in which the individual who listen to the words of his
native language,and continuing attempts to translate them,
OR listen to the words of the new language and translated into his native language

During that,stop or disappear the symptoms which most often suffered by
the schizophrenic individual ,BECAUSE
the main attention and mental focus position toward finding a translation of the words
which read by the individual,listen to it, or trying to write !

The top of this operation,end of owing the individual the ability to think
through invoke the words from his mind-brain of the new language
to form his personal thoughts !

the individual has becomes thinking in himself and the things of world
by new language,and that have power effect to stop the emission
of the inner voices or stop the movement of the
voices of hallucinations

Continuing for more years in the implementation of the translation planned,
may qualify the individual to work in the translation field as a profession !

the critical point
during the time of translation,all symptoms has disappear because the vocal source
of the hallucination has dislike to learn new language or speaking with new language
or searching about the meaning in new language because all of that is hold back
his activities !!!

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You can try to learn new language
the idea is building on simple noticing that,the human being
have the ability to learn many different languages,WHILE
the hallucination entities {the voices source } are dislike
“hate” to learn any new language different about the native
language of the host,even dislike to talking to the host by
any new language

so that,we must be using this point aganset the voices source
do not do that if you take antipsychotic drugs
-do that if you are a young
-do that after 6 months from sz onset

for more resoans ;
do not using the words of new language to writing
about your personal feelings , your daily life events,or
stories about people behavior,that is to get rid from
paranoia symptoms !

If you do not believe that,just try that for one week to
see the good results

Hello! About learning new languages I came to a question: People who have talent on languages and can speak many, do they have less change to have schizophrenia than some ordinary people who is for example good in maths… just a thought :blush:

I know 2 languages well and another well enough for basic conversation. However i am not doing so well with schizophrenia.

English & Russian well

German ok

But for example if you were to live in a new country where you have to speak new language. My point is that one thing is knowing and the other thing is living with it every day… my voices doesn’t know english and it’s not my native or my roommates native language and still we speak it. But it’s hard to say if it makes my life better or not because the worst part is over … .

I am not sure I really follow you. But having voices talk to me in languages other than my native one I find more distracting, I feel like i listen to them more when they are talking english or german and they are harder to ignore.

Hmm, I’m sorry to hear that. My voices have only talked to me in my native language Estonian. I guess I got my answer .

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Was English difficult to learn for you? I grew up speaking English and Russian and always found English to be more difficult in highschool writing classes. But I speak it well enough.

I remember in 3rd grade(if I remember right) I started learning it at school and it was difficult… but I got used to it and recently got B2 in English in my University. And I’m thinking of learning a new language because estonia is little and if a lot of people know you and your illness then it is hard to live here and get work.

Makes sense. What language are you wanting to learn next?

Thinking of Norwegian, German or Portuguese … :blush: I don’t know exactly where I want to live in future… yet.

You said;
My {voices have only talked to me in my native language }
-you say the { truth } !

=in the case if you try to learn any different language,
and become have the ability to speak,writing and understanding

-you should notice that,the vocal entities "the voice source "
dislike to talking with you with the new language that
you learned

-the voice source knows and understanding every thing that
you learn,but "he /they " dislike using any new language !

-if you can creating your mental thoughts by the new language,
the voice source has loss his ability to make up intervention
(overlap-interference } with your current thoughts content !

the critical point
making the reflections,thinking,realization,understanding and produce the personal thoughts
by new language,the good new for that,the feeling does not flowing while you using new
language and words,and that is the way to isolating your thoughts about the paranoia feelings !!!

-in the case,if the voice source have trying to send his voice message by the new
language that you learned,he takes long time to creates the sentence and he can not
find the BAD -worsen words {because you do not know it from the new language },and overall you can make control about the content of your
thoughts {because the voice source loss his speed }

If you can know 2 language to be well enough to make up conversation
with otherness.and in the same time you have sz "as you say "
the question
How can explain that,there is cognitive disorder that arise from
abnormal chemistry in the brain,for people who suffer from sz ?