Trick or Treat?

Any Questions “Doctors”?

Can I have a sucker?

Some times you feel like a mounds, sometimes you don’t. I can piss out drugs with a pipe fitted between four lobes, just as well as the next guy. Right, Neagan? Another Jelly Belly Or Are We Fitted Enough?

I’m very nutty, that takes a lot of schmeatings to achieve.

The object of drug addicts anonymous is not to stop you from using drugs …

It’s to stop all of us from drowning.

Have you ever seen this: II

How about a straight line horizontally, with no guard to escort you out? No arsonist to off you a drink of water?

It appears you have some questions, you can’t trust?

Just wait until your connection is forgoton too. Maybe there will not even a Be a room?

What is “psychosis”?

It is to trap you!!!run!!! Take your medicine

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