Tremors :(

Has anyone else had tremors? The last few days I’ve had tremors. My anxiety is really bad too. I stopped taking my Wellbutrin because I thought that was causing it. My zyprexa helps but I’m still having tremors right now :)”(

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Please talk to your doctor. Tremors could be serious, and you need to be seen.

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I get movement problems on Amisulpride

I have to take procyclidine to counter act it

Trip to the doctors on the cards it seems

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Just wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience I already emailed my pdoc

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My hands shake. No one can read my handwriting.

It has been greater than 50 years I have had the tremor.

I had eyelid tremors while on high dose Risperdal, Benzatropine fixed the tremors and the akathisia.
Now I am on a lower dose and don’t need Benzatropine anymore. Ask your pdr about it and see if he chooses to lower the dose ir prescribe Benzatropine or another movement disorder med.

I have tremors and am on ziprexa which is notorious for them.

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