Tree People


I spent more of my childhood (and early adulthood) in the tree in our front yard than anywhere else combined.
Sitting way up high on a strong limb observing the world below, and not having to participate, knowing I was safe from the monsters…made the tree and me one. It was one of the few places I could close my eyes without fear.

Around age 14 I discovered the Avocado tree in our backyard growing fat avocados and for years after my mom couldn’t figure out why I’d carry a steak knife and some bread outside and disappear.
I told her only a few years ago that I ate all the avocados the tree produced (no one ever asked for any- figured they were rightfully mine), she mentioned that the years after I got married and moved away, she was amazed at how much all the fruit trees produced, not realizing the backyard fruit trees were my favorites.

I liked palm trees with coconuts once, the rear seat of my car was full of coconuts that I ate. :smiley: