Treatments for low libido and sexual dysfunction?

I’ve been on Invega Sustenna for almost 1 year and my libido is at negative 300, worse than you could think possible. I’m female and I can’t get moist/wet down there anymore. Physical stimulation isn’t exciting because I can barely feel it, if at all, and vaginal penetration is painful (I think because I’m so dry and unexcited).

It’s as if I’ve hit menopause but I’m only 27 years old. It’s really sad to me that I can’t have a sexual relationship with my husband anymore. I would stop Invega Sustenna, but it keeps me mostly sane and functional; I need it.

Do any of you who suffer with sexual dysfunction have treatments that help or reverse this side effect? I’ve tried h*rny goat weed and that didn’t help. My doctor tried to prescribe Addyi (the “female Viagra”) but my insurance refuses to cover it. Any advice? I’m really sad. I want the intimacy with my husband back.

I’m older and on Abilify, but still have a good libido, not sure why so many have it drop off

I think it might be the way people think combined with meds, I can get lost in a good fantasy and away i go, do you have many fantasy thoughts? I think they help a lot.

Abilify made my libido extreme, I became hypersexual and addicted to sex so my pdr stopped it. Now I feel much better on Risperdal 3mg.

When I was your age,

I was on medication that made me have lob libido.

Sex was a total chore.

But I used lube and did it pretty often anyway,

Sometimes I was surprised and it was enjoyable.

Then I invested in some good toys and was surprised at how much I liked them.

Eventually, I switched to Abilify and my libido came back.

Maybe try some different things and see if there isn’t something new you enjoy.

Or, maybe it’s time to consider trying a new medication.

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I have a partner who wants sex, but I have none anymore. Why?

Maybe it is the Trazadone or Seroquel? I just take a little of both of those to get to sleep.

I had low libido on Invega. It has improved alot when I switched to Abilify Maintena.

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Hey. Are there any other meds you haven’t tried yet? Maybe there is one that can be helpful to you without the sexual side effects
Does your insurance cover the new lumateperone? If I’m not mistaken you’re in the us, right?

I know that you were on fish oil. I dont know how much you were taking and some brands you
are pretty deluted out. I take Walmart’s Spring Valley brand. I take 2500 mg of fish oil per day. It also has a good amount of EPA and DHA. After about 6 months if taking this my libido was restored on invega sustenna. I know that’s a long time though but better than never. I am on Latuda now and still have libido.

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Abilify is dangerous for me, but maybe I would try it. In particular, I’m anxious already.

KY jelly. ,…

I’m a guy, and recently having dysfunction again. Got a call lined up for july. Its annoying having urges but not the physical presence to do whats needed.

I think you need to talk to your doctor and see if theres anything you could do. I don’t know if I want to change meds, I don’t have a sex life, but I also don’t want to be sexually frustrated once or twice a week when my low libido finally kicks in and I can’t get a stiffy.

I’m on invega sustena and I can just barely get off my how things have changed…

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