Treatment soon, any tips?

Here soon I’ll begin treatment and most likely get medicated so I can begin getting my life on track. Any tips?
From my understand the side effects can have a really negative effect. I work in an automotive shop at school, two hours a day, should I try to get a doctors note to stay home? Should I sign myself into a hospital?

Getting into therapy and taking meds is really all you need to focus on. The rest is all trial and error. At your age getting those two sorted means you have a really great chance of a full recovery and having a happy, long and full life. One of my biggest regrets is not starting a lot earlier. With your body and mind still growing just about anything thing you are doing now to help yourself with your mental health will help in the long term.


Given that I’m at an adult age of eighteen I should have a chance, but I can’t be so sure. It’d definitely be nice.
Another thing I forgot to say: My body does not take medication well at all. A simple antibiotic caused awful side effects

I think the latest research is the brain doesn’t stop growing until around 27. So you still have a lot of time.

As for the antibiotics … Comes down to just being sensitive to some chemicals .Each persons chemistry is different I have problems with simple bee stings for example. Our genetics are basically a lottery sometimes. But no matter what your going through or what life throws at you. There will always be someone going through a lot worse.

I would not either understate or overstate my symptoms. Don’t exagerate or use wild metaphors to describe your condition. How you conduct yourself could determine what kind of medication you receive. Just try to give as accurate a picture of your situation as you can.


Those things I already know, I’m asking what should I do during the first bit of the medication, my body and medication do not get along.
I work in a dangerous classroom as well.

Remember to be honest about everything you go through. They can only help you. The more information the better.

I already have a letter and such made for when I go.

That’s a great idea. I did find my symptoms difficult to write out on paper but anything is better than nothing.

If I hadn’t before than I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Its definitely a huge help.
For the first few days I might just stay in a hospital so if something does go wrong nothing too bad can come from it.

Yeah I’ve spent 17 days in hospital. They are a safe place. A little confined and boring but it’s survivable.

There is one in my area that is absolutely amazing. It made all my vacation spots look like garbage. I might ask about it.

If the opportunity is there and you feel comfortable with the idea of starting treatment in a hospital setting then I think it can be a good idea. Good luck!

If given the opportunity and choice I will go, I know of a nice one that accepts insurance and actually looks like a treatment place rather than a nightmare. Also thanks for the luck!

Do you live at home? If there is someone there with you it would probably be ok. If you are able to go to a private hospital—with good doctors and support-the yeah.
Ask your doctor–but also tell him about your drug sensitivities–that`s IMPORTANT!!!
Good luck Peavy!

Thank you. I do live at home but its not the best environment. Its super stressful here at times.
People here are not good at handling large issues either, its always met with violence or ignoring. Which could end badly.

**Then I say go to the good hospital! **

I should bring up the question to my doctor on if I should or not. If he says I should than I already know where to head.

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Medications and therapy also can be trial and error. But this is not spoken by an 18 year old. Let the prescribing dr know about your working in the shop.