Treatment resistant

I guess I always accepted I had sz, but from the beginning of being diagnosed had been resistant to treatment. Not treatment resistant in terms of effect of medicine on symptoms, but resisted treatment by medical professionals. This is something I am fuked up about to this day. Maybe this idea of treatment resistant should have a double sense.

Obviously there is a lot to say about this issue, but the basic point I would like to make about the dual sense of treatment resistant is that in one sense it is about the ineffectiveness of medicine on symptoms, and then in the other sense it is something like ineffectiveness of Medicine at controlling schizophrenia. It seems the second sense is easily solved by simply forcing treatment, having zero tolerance for any sz symptoms, and denying that a person with sz has any rights and freedoms at all when it comes to being treated.

After experiencing this kind of treatment, I am still ‘treatment resistant’ even though I take regular medication now. However, the resistance is against accepting that the treatment was in any way acceptable, and also by taking medicine to resist any more treatment by these people. To conceive of a treatment resistant schizophrenia that encapsulates this sense I would propose one that uses paranoia against social organization, and subsequent detachment from the socially constructed reality that one accepts to justify to self that any bad treatment is ok.

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In other news, diabetics still pizzed that after all these years they have to keep taking insulin and that they can develop complications in spite of it.

All illnesses involve suffering.

Are we comparing there are worst things to have besides SZ

I’m supposed to be doing all that:?


In my defence I’d like to point out that this ruddy condition didn’t come with instruction booklet.

You’re funny, but i don’t have a sense of humour.

I promise you it’s still there, just kind of buried under a bit of crap.


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I’m not completely giving up. I trust from others including yourself things can turn around.

So far it hasnt