Treatment of delusions - Feeling safe program

People who were severely delusional for ages despite meds were helped to get rid of their delusions by this new program. Focus was to get rid of the factors maintaining paranoia, like sleeping problems or low self-esteem.


Very interesting

The results were striking; the programme looks as though it may represent a step change in the treatment of delusions. The science really may translate into a significant practical advance. More than half of the patients (64%) recovered from their long-standing delusions. These were people who had been begun the trial with persistent severe delusions, other troubling psychiatric symptoms, and very low psychological wellbeing – the toughest group to target with a new treatmen


Yes, I thought it had a very hopeful message in it. :slight_smile: I hope they will start up programs like these in more places. I will also show this to my treatment team to see if they can apply such things.


The accounts of persecuted delusion in this report could have been written about me. I really hope this new treatment gets rolled out

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