Treatment for thought-broadcasting


What has worked for those suffering from the positive symptom of thought- broadcasting. Im going to try l-theanin


I believe low-dose Abilify works for it. 2 mg reduced my thought broadcasting by 60-80%.


Invega sustenna


That would be everyone’s favorite ap invega suatenna.


So many posts on thought broadcasting . Becoming like the invega thread. All I can tell you is that I don’t have them anymore and I don’t really want to talk about it.


I still suffer from thought broadcasting. Nothing seems to help, so I stay away from people. I don’t think it will ever go away. I think people lie to me when I ask if they can read my mind.

Who would want to know if it is true.


I personally believe that TB is caused by damage or over stimulus to the audio process. If I am focusing on the left side of my head my thoughts are just normal at any moment I try to lean that focus right it’s like I’m yelling out my nose and ear.

There is alot of very intricate mechanisms and parts that go along with the ear, internal voice as well as speech.

The fact that I’m cool calm and collected until I’m getting stimulus on these areas then I sound like a whiny dude yelling in a parking garage really annoys me.

This has and continues to be the cause of all my mental problems. The feeling of not having the satisfaction of having a thought to myself or even simply be within my mind is torture.

It’s pretty crazy how this can be so negative to someones life that went from being normal to having tb.

You think things you wouldn’t even think because you feel as if everyone is just playing a game with your internal thoughts.

But we also begin to program our selves to react to these thoughts in a very rough and disciplinary way which brings shame.

When I feel this turned up more than normal feeling the most obnoxious, embarrassing lord and thoughts come out or though .

Idk honestly the way I try to fight this stuff had caused so much physical and neurological damage.

I want time to my mind and thoughts without it having to feel like it’s some kind of special privilege and a feeling of being baby sat when I try to mediate. I dont even have anything in particular to think about. It’s the feeling of having that without having to hear people distract and ridicule and take jabs every time i want a moment to reflect.

Its like being held to the surface of your mind while everyone presses your buttons and destroys the depths of your mind


Calming to here other people have TB. I hate suffering and pray that it goes away. I’m trying L-theanine and will report back on my findings. I blame the seroquel and stopping my meds for the TB. It freaking sucks along with the othe sz sypmptoms. Feel isolated and that my life is a grind. I feel like there is a balance of good and bad though. We have to overcome it.


:joy: lol this cracked me up!


I have it everyday… it was horrible the first few years, I have learned to deal with it and just try to keep my anxiety under control. When I was younger and was really concerned about having sweaty armpit stains, it only made them ten times worse. Once I didn’t care anymore they weren’t as bad. I try to think about the broadcasting the same.


People are always hearing what I am saying so sometimes I get angry and tell them to mind there
own buisness. I have telepathy as well as mild schizophrenia. It’s so confusing to know whether
someone is really talking about me or its in my mind specially if I’m in a car. Does anyone else have
any similiar problems?Not only in a car. :worried:


Simple treatment of thought-broadcasting,make a speech (bilateral conversation) with other person/people about any subject using systematic speed in the talking or hearing other


First of all, a good diagnosis is needed. Thought broadcasting is a symptom which, like most symptoms, can have multiple causes, so the treatment depends on identifying the cause. Severe thought brodcasting can be caused by schizophrenia but it can also be caused by bipolar disorder, brain tumour, Alzheimer’s disease, hyperthyroidism, infections and reactions to a wide variety of both prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Thus, identifying the cause is crucial, as the treatment depends on the cause. Please see this article for more information on causes and treatment.