Treating Internet pornography addiction with naltrexone


In 2002, a study on cocaine addiction demonstrated measurable volume loss in several areas of the brain, including the frontal lobes.[9] The study technique was an MRI-based protocol, voxel-based morphometry (VBM), where 1 mm cubes of brain are quantified and compared. Another VBM study was published in 2004 on methamphetamine, with very similar findings.[27] While interesting, these findings may not be surprising to either the scientist or the layperson, as these are “real drugs” used illicitly. Nevertheless, it was noteworthy that addiction could produce measurable, anatomical change in the brain.

Even more instructive are similar findings seen with the abuse of a normal biological behavior, eating, leading to addiction and obesity. In 2006, a VBM study was published looking specifically at obesity, and the results were very similar to the cocaine and methamphetamine studies.[20] The obesity study demonstrated multiple areas of volume loss, particularly in the frontal lobes, areas associated with judgment and control.

Growing evidence indicates that the VTA-NAc pathway and the other limbic regions cited above similarly mediate, at least in part, the acute positive emotional effects of natural rewards, such as food, sex and social interactions.

In one study, sexual experience has been shown to induce alterations in medium spiny neurons in the nucleus accumbens similar to those seen with drugs of abuse


I didn’t need a drug to do it initially but I did end up gaining a lot of weight and having trouble with anxiety which is what the porn was helping in the first place. Whatever works for the individual is the best. I do take more anti-anxiety pills now.


I didn’t read the whole article but naltrexone hasn’t affected my porn use I’ve been taking it for 3+ years now every single day but it helps with everything else practically it seems lol it’s weird. This med agrees really well with me for some reason it’s been miraculous for me.


Maybe if you spend too much time watching porn.


Laughing, here. At least it’s obvious that you still have a great sense of humor. Lol


Internet pornography addiction is best treated with real life partners. Or fancy sex dolls.

But what do I know? :confused: