Treated myself to new sponges and soap

…because it really does help me with my reluctance to do the dishes.

I also saw some gloves to wash the dishes, as per advice i got here on this forum, but i didn’t have enough money for all the things in my cart, so I put it off.

I have a big issue doing the dishes. I currently have no spoons. Bowls, yes, cereal and almond milk, yes, but no spoons. I’m going to bust out the new sponges I got yesterday and do some dishes for like 20 minutes while listening to music.

Other things that help me do the dishes are desperation and if I take a dose of taurine or double dose, sometimes that helps, too, with the motivation. I have a lot of taurine powder from powder city. i can’t remember if i got an energy crash afterwards or not, so there’s that potential, I guess.

New sponges and dish soap, yay!


I always wash up immediately after having a meal. So no build up of dishes to do. It’s just a good habit I got into. Possibly my only good habit lol.


Yes, and cleanse them with plenty of water.

New sponges and soap increase productivity!

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I prefer brushes to sponges. Plus they’re easier to clean and you can sometimes wash things without needing gloves!


wow, that’s great !! I need to do dishes…almost everything we have is dirty and it’s been that way a long time…need to just strap on a pair and get in there and do it !!