Trazodone Update

I don’t think it really works? It did make me very drowsy. So I fell asleep fairly quickly but I didn’t stay asleep like my pdoc said I should on it…I woke up only once though around 2 hours after I fell asleep whereas I normally wake up 4-6 times a night. However I was up for 2 hours before I could fall back asleep.

Trazodone also just made me feel sleepy. It didn’t really make me feel calm like my benzo, Ativan does. Also I took 10 mg Abilify last night and nothing weird happened, no side effects as of yet but with the other doses of it I didn’t start to see side effects from it until after a couple days of taking it.

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How much of mgs did you take? I take 2 100mg and only prn. I agree it doesn’t make you stay asleep very long.

Pdoc started me on 50 mg. We are looking for something that helps me fall asleep and stay asleep.