Travelled alone for the first time

So I left northern Malaysia and headed to southern Malaysia. While crossing the border to city-state the Singapore, I was asked to fill in a White Card as declaration. It was midnight and just in time to catch probably the last bus to Queen St. (Later I found out it is located near Little India and Bugis). Arrived at the final bus stop, I began hunting for hostel. It costs S$50 one night.(It is a backpacker hostel, I chose to stay in single room) Next day I went for a walk and met a money changer around Rochor Rd. It is way too much for the exchange rate at 1:3 SGD-MYR. I just came back from Singapore and back to K.L. few hours ago.

I am glad that as a person with schizophrenia, am able to travel alone to another country for the first time. But then, I am headache and musle in pain right now.


Good for you! Maybe the headache and muscle pain is just you being tired. That will pass. Hope you had a good trip.

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I’m not good at travelling, I do not enjoy it. Glad you were able to make the trip.

Thank you, Malvok.

I have known at least one person from the Internet who also does not enjoy travelling but is travelling for the sake of others.

It is certainly okay to enjoy other hobbies.

Traveling alone can be tough. I prefer it that way, though, so I can use my own eyes to watch for my destination. With others, I feel too distracted, especially if I’m the lead person on the trip.

However, traveling alone requires good preparation and research, if you want it to go smoothly and to get the most out of your journey.

I want to commend you on your taking your trip alone. Best of luck for more good trips in the future.

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On the contrary, I use try-and-error approach which is a bad idea.

Thank you for your good comment.

Well done. I couldn’t do that!

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To some keeping a job is possible, but is very hard to me. The same goes to travelling. Each of us is always well-versed at something.

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I couldnt travel, especially by myself - good for you @Plumber, well done! :smile:

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I envy you just to be able to travel.

PLEASE post pics of youy journey.

I am still sick until today after returning from the trip. If you have money, you can travel anywhere.


Unfortunately, I do not keep the photo. I have one in Little India, however, though not attractive.

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