Travel insurance will now cover me on price comparison sites

I couldn’t get annual travel insurance for the year on comparison sites because I was deemed more a risk as I’ve been involuntary hospitalised in the last 2 years - this is a question they ask you -

I had to go to a specialist insurance provider and for rubbish cover for the year it was £786 which I had to pay.

Well This July its been more than 2 years since my hospital admission and I did another quote online and now I can be insurance with mainstream providers with better cover and its only £604 for the year. I’m pleased with that. I don’t need cover until next March but its handy to know I won’t face any problems. Just have to make sure I don’t get sectioned from now till then.


What does travel insurance cover?

Annual Multi Trip Policy

worldwide cover

£10 millian medical

£2000 cancelation

£1000 gadget cover

£2000 baggage cover

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Okay. Maybe useful if you go to exotic places.

Hope you won’t need it though. Getting money from insurance companies can be a hassle. The devil is in the details.

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Thats why I HAVE to be accurate…


When I was living in Singapore, I had a health insurance from a UK based company (BUPA). They had great cover. I think I was able to get from them over $10K in one single year. Not too many questions asked.

I used to be with BUPA health insurance for private hospital care in the UK but they stopped insuring me when I become symptomatic. Never did use them and I paid their premiums for many years.