Trauma- Where It Began

Once there was a church group of kids I used to know. Then one day we no longer went there. Once the children of Dad’s friends were our friends. One of them was a girl which I started out fighting but she beat me up a number of times. Then we became friends for a short time. At one point we were Bonnie and Clyde walking together through the park annoying people. If we kept it up we would have been jailbirds for sure. In another World I am walking with her and she describes farmers driving her off when the crops were disturbed. And she counts the petals off a flower and tries to decide if she loves me or loves me not. And other moments include catching fireflies at night while eating dinner with the combined families. But we don’t have time to grow up or fall in love, or maybe just be friends. Because one of those nights me and my brothers left and never came back again. And we learned that our Dad would become less of a part of our lives because our parents are getting a divorce. And as far as I know we never met again because their parents weren’t Mom’s friends. By then we are in a new neighborhood and the nightmares begin. My head is hurting constantly. What’s wrong? It’s called a headache kid. Take an aspirin and learn to say goodbye to the past 8 years early. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Nicely written!

I’m sorry, but I don’t see the trauma in your narrative. Just seems like trip advisor.

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