Trauma triggers, how do I get rid of them?

I have some trauma from an event that took place 13 years ago.
I normally don’t think about it much, but yesterday I was playing Sims, and as I was laying floor in the house, I remembered when I tried to tell someone about it and they basically called me a whore.
This happens everytime I lay floors in the Sims, it’s like it’s a trigger for me or something.

Normally I’m able to brush it off, but today I’m feeling dissociative and scared again.

I don’t want to stop playing Sims, because I do enjoy it. Is there anything else I can do to stop those associations?

I haven’t been able to work through my trauma properly. I can’t afford a psychologist, and when I could, she seemed to think it was more important to figure out if I was gay and in denial or not…

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Why do you think it happens when you play sims? Also what was the reason for the therapy being focused on gay/straight issues?

Well something that can help is basically slowly work through a trigger.

So when laying floor in the Sims maybe just start by only doing one. And associating doing it with something you enjoy.

So lay a floor while listening to songs that make you happy and then do something else. For example. (You can start smaller such as watching other people do it or just looking at a floor in game whatever your most comfortable with) and then slowly push your boundaries in what you feel comfortable with

This is what has helped me with some triggers. It may not “cure” it but it can help


Exactly what @Noise said. That’s how I learned to cope with all my triggers. They still bother me sometimes, but not nearly as often, and not nearly as strongly.

Whats your diagnosis schizophrenia and paranoia, voices or multiple personality disorder??

Oh dear. Okay- the best thing you can do is to remove yourself from trauma. If you are facing constant trigger, it will only make it worse.
Is it possible to close your eyes when you are laying down? Or is the action of doing so make you triggered as well?

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