Trauma cbt has anyone done this?

i am starting trauma cbt next month, should not be triggering at all !?!
my psychologist is a wee bit nervous, but i feel cool about it and ready to front my horrendous past.
anyone else done this and how did it go ?
thank you in advance for any feed back.
take care

Hey, I’ve gone through a bit of this. There were some rough patches that really upset me because it’s stuff I usually tried so hard not to think about and now, here I am thinking about it with a stranger.

I have been able to gain some strength from it and get better at not letting it upset me.

You went through a hell of a lot more then I ever did. One thing that did help me was I did have to speak up sometimes and say “I really can’t face that right now.” and the therapist was nice enough to back off and go on to something else.

Good luck with this. I’ll be hoping the best for you.


thanks for the advice it is always nice to hear some one has done it aswell, i am ready for this ugly stuff now to be released and hopefully out of my head.
i start at the end of the month, thanks for your support.
take care

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