Trauma and fear to do with climate crisis

When my youngest sister was three our mum was raped by a homeless stranger to whom she had given a pound coin forcing into the house while she was there holding mums hand.

I always knew it was something that happened in our family
My sisters slowly dying of alcoholism and trauma age 43
While I recently recognised What happened in my house I was growing up in age 7 and has affected me too

Until recently I never linked it to my fear of the masses rising up against the middle classes, like in the French Revolution for example.
Which is always kind of in my mind somewhere

The fact that climate refugees will be leaving areas incredibly badly affected by famine flood fire And try to get to the colonial centre (Britain, don’t really know how to put it)
Massive Migrations to a place which can
Currently only feed half of its population
Or just lack of not being able to grow enough food Basically being eaten by marauding canebals

I No I will die sometime anyway … Although I’m not good at accepting it I know I’m going to die someday like everyone.

Sorry if this belongs in a therapist office

Reading about what happened to your family, my whole face scrunched up. That was hard to read. I feel a bit sick.

I’m sorry for you your mom and your sister. My family dealt with a lot of violence and fear as well. Do you work with a therapist to learn to cope with all this? Over time, it could lead to less suffering. It’s helped me some.

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