Trapped in my Shower

Last night I tried to shower at 1am.
I turned on the water and I heard people screaming in agony and asking for help. I turned off the water and listened, but it was silence. I turned the water back on and they started screaming again for help. I thought maybe someone was trapped in the shower, somehow. This made no sense.
I ended up calling my mom and sleeping at her house. I barely slept at all, and I feel like crap today. What a night…
Now I’m afraid to go back in the shower. Bathing it is. :bath:

Just the ambient noise from squeaky water pipes…nothing to be alarmed about.

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No, it was much louder than my showers noises. I actually heard their screaming and saying quite clearly “Help me!” “Oh my God, help me!”. Male and female voices.

I’m sorry to hear that. I also hear ‘white noise’ when I drive with the windows down in my car. This is all it was.

Take care. :sunny:

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U might be hallucinating…!!!:alien:

Yes, I think so. :skull:

Be sure and tell your pdoc about this. Maybe he or she can adjust your med’s. If you don’t have a pdoc or a case manager tell your mom and ask for some type of counseling or other kind of assistance.

Whenever I get in the shower my thoughts or voices get louder. Its the same with any noise with me actually. Like if I’m washing my hands as soon as the water turns on its like I hear my thoughts loud and clear so I have to hurry up because I fear I’m not the only one hearing my thoughts, like its one loud voice that everyone in the house can hear. It would be okay (I guess) if I didn’t automatically think bad thoughts that embarrass me. Or thoughts like “I’m high as ■■■■” or “I stole from you”… Then my great grandparents hear and they think I’m high and I steal. Ugh it really sucks

Tat sounds really frightening @Bunny.

I hope the screaming goes away soon and you can shower at home again.

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@Bunny. Would it help to switch out the shower head for a lower pressure rain shower head? The water flow is much gentler and quieter which might help. See the post below.

Many times I hate bathing, because the voces are cursing me.

Wow, that sounds scary.
And I know what you mean about thoughts being louder with the water running.

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Oh hey, I remember reading that.
Funny, because at the time I was actually living someplace that had one of those.
I honsetly don’t think its the shower head. It sounds like it comes frome the pipes, to me.

yeah… hallucinations get loud when I’m in the shower… but ever since I’m on meds I dont get those anymore…


Sorry. That’s a bad joke to pull on you. I have my legs itch like a B— and scratched myself raw for months due to old-lady fragile skin thing starting on me. My voices don’t like soaking in tub, just told to shower but sometimes it just doesn’t relax me enough.

My old 1950s home had noisy pipes. Just learned to ignore it…Some of the older houses are even worse.

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